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Data Harmonisation     Single Customer View    

Multiple Disparate Systems , "Data Silos" - Sound Familiar ?

If you run your entire business on a single, integrated system, then stop reading now. However, if you have multiple systems which hold partial data, and you want to bring the data together and smooth your processes without a big-bang .. read on.

Multiple Systems each with their own Data

Why does it happen, and what can you do about it ?

No-one wants to have multiple systems just for the sake of it, but you've probably found that to satisfy your business challenges it is almost unavoidable. Tempting offerings from big name vendors, departmental ring fencing, incremental and piecemeal software development, mergers and aquisitions ... the list of pressures is endless. You know it's a problem, but we can help.

Using Data Harmonisation we are able to get under the skin of your systems, embrace all of the technicalities, and give you a LIVE data solution which is coherent, consistent, and complete

Perhaps you need to create a "Single Customer View" .. (read more here)

This isn't just a one-off transfer, it's a live network of connections, which constantly clean, transform, and enrich your data, making it available where it's needed, in the form that it's needed. Think of it as a liberating Data "DNA"

No "Big Bang"

If you think this sort of thing is complex, well .. you are right, but it doesn't have to involve an overhaul of ANY of your systems. Quite the reverse. The harmonisation can start in a given key area, which we can help you identify (you might already have an idea yourself). It can be done in phases, in line with business priorities, with rock solid returns, and with no change to your status quo

Data Harmonisation in Phases

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