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How We Deliver

Our Process

We have a process which ensures we focus totally on your requirements, right from the start:

FREE - Discovery : An initial meeting where we can start to understand your particular challenges and requirements, and run through some of the options

FREE - Concept Demo : Following the discovery, we will create a demo, which shows you some real functionality, and gives you a feel for what is possible

Following these free phases, if you are comfortable, we can proceed with more detailed analysis, which allows us to build successive demo’s and to clarify exactly what the system should do via a specification. The actual development follows a prototyping approach, where you will see successive versions, each of which is more and more complete.

We help you with the implementation, including defining test and acceptance plans, organising training, and providing support, and on going enhancements, should the need arise. As your system runs “in the cloud” (i.e. over the web), you wont have anything to install or manage, and you’ll find that you can access the system from anywhere.

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