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American Express

AMEX Testimonial for Zaptext

"Zaptext makes an impossible job possible"

Charlotte Taylor , AMEX Remote Sales Manager

Charlotte Taylor , American express meta morpose partner, chose Zaptext as her tool to manage and motivate a UK-Wide team of Sales Advisors.

“Zaptext is beneficial in so many ways"

"Being web based, I can use the system from anywhere, and it didn’t involve any drawn out installation procedures or I.T. department approval.The ability to send pre-timed bulk SMS is superb. I could ‘set & forget’ the date & time for the messages to be sent and I had a way of sending personalised, business quality e-mails, to ALL contacts with just a few simple clicks”

Client Storyboard

"I know that, wherever the advisors are, I have a way of communicating with ALL of them , without interrupting their customer meetings. The ability to get all the sales figures sent in by text is great. I can see everything immediately in my browser, and I know who is doing well, and who needs some help"

"Zaptext is so configure-able"

"I can see how it slots straight in to different companies, and solves their unique problems. I could use the system in the office, or from home, and it was easy to keep my senior manager in AMEX informed"

”The ability to have communication with the entire sales team , regardless of where the individuals were, resulted in huge time and cost savings”

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