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Autodesk Testimonial for Zaptext

"Zaptext Hugely Impressed Us"

Asif Moghal, Global Channel Development Manager
Client Photo

We decided to roll out a standardised sales and marketing training programme to our channel partners across Northern Europe which became very successful. However, our success meant that we quickly had to shift from using Microsoft Excel spread sheets and Outlook to manage invites and track attendance. The administrative burden was getting horrendous and the communication challenge seriously complex. Zaptext provided us with a system that took care of the admin burden and allowed us to focus on rolling out an even more successful program.

The Zaptext Relationship Technology, underpinned by the consulting methodology that Hardman Associates applies to each and every client engagement, and in particular the strong focus on automation married with personalisation, hugely impressed us. Mark Hardman's deep knowledge and expertise surpassed anything we've experienced.

'We had completely up-to-date information on key staff in all of our resellers'

As a business, we were able to have an instant snapshot of our channel in Northern Europe, their primary role, industry focus and of course knowledge of the training courses that any one of our resellers' staff had attended.

'Fast prototyping helped us make further innovation leaps'

We were really put through our paces and made to think deeply about the challenge we faced. It was truly worth the effort. In the end, we had a system that delivered real value to Autodesk and its partners.

We just couldn't believe how fast a fully working prototype was created and presented to us. It made a real difference - as by reviewing this and delving further, we made further innovation leaps. The outcome was a unique way for all key staff at our resellers to self-manage their own individual training programme.

'Zaptext itself engaged, persuaded and managed each individual's own learning path'

According to your job role, each key staff member at a reseller had a specific learning path. Zaptext itself engaged, persuaded and managed each individual's own learning path through personalised invitations, confirmations, reminders as well as surveys. Each communication was also set up according to personal choices, could be delivered through a variety of means - such as text and email.

'With the press of a button, work which used to take hours if not days was done.'

Our administration team at Autodesk only got involved in handling exceptions; say an individual had chosen a course which didn't fit on their individual learning path. Then we would call or email that individual. However, it was Zaptext itself which alerted us that we needed to do so by sending the administration team an alert by email.

The system was designed to ensure people were dealt with as people. We came across as friendly and helpful - and this further strengthened the relationship with our resellers. It made an enormous difference to our administrative team's workload and we made significant cost savings. With the press of a button, work which used to take hours if not days was done.

'Real-time information for staff at our resellers and for us'

Zaptext provided real-time information to both staff at our resellers and us. A member of staff at a reseller could at any point in time check availability for specific courses. We, at Autodesk had a full set of management reports as well as a real-time 'dashboard' for our chosen KPIs like, for example, attendance ratios and training progress in percentages. It's expensive to run such an extensive training programme and we wanted to make sure that each and every classroom training course delivered was as close to capacity as possible.

'Why did you choose Zaptext over market-leading vendors?'

When we started to look around for a solution to our challenge, we had many of the leading vendors in the marketplace present to us. All of whom said they had a product which could help us. None of the other vendors did what Mark Hardman and his team did - which was to ask us what our problem was - and spend time with us to really understand what we wanted to achieve.

They didn't try and sell us anything - just really focused on what business challenge we wanted to solve.

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