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CADline Testimonial for Zaptext

"We saw a massive improvement"

Barry Lewis, Chairman
Client Photo

"We use webinars and seminars as a core element of our sales strategy - to really understand the value of what we offer it must be experienced. The strategy is proven. However, initially, we had a lot of people saying they would attend our events - and then not showing up. This resulted in us spending far too much time chasing people to confirm event bookings. Since implementing Zaptext we have increased attendance rates at our events from around 50% to 70-80%, a massive improvement which has made a tangible difference to our business".

'Always delivers on their promise.'

"The care and attention that the people behind Zaptext put into tailoring their relationship technology - to suit how we wanted to manage our relationship with our prospects and customers - is singular. Many say they do this. Only a few actually do. Hardman & Associates, who created Zaptext, always deliver on their promise".

Barry Lewis, Managing Director, CADline sums up what CADline is about: " We provide the software and skills to allow our clients to digitally experience their designs before they're even built." CADline, a Platinum Awarded Autodesk Partner, provides design technology, training and consultancy to help architects, engineers, and project managers communicate better with their clients and, ultimately, create better buildings.

'Made a tangible difference to our business.'

CADline excels as a business by gaining a real understanding and knowledge of its clients as well as having in-depth technical and industry expertise. "We wish to be perceived as a friendly and professional business to deal with," says Barry Lewis.

Thus, it was vital to CADline that any interaction with its prospective customers had this sense, this quality, this feeling of being friendly and professional about it - as what they provide is intangible yet invaluable. Zaptext does this. It really is technology which creates real relationships.

'More than a technology provider - a trusted advisor.'

Says Barry Lewis, "In any given year we typically host 35 webinars and seminars and use Zaptext to manage our bookings. Yet what's more important is that Zaptext helps us to start to build a relationship with our prospective customers prior to us speaking with them."

"They do this by simply giving the people the opportunity to decide how they wish to be communicated with. And for people like me, who travel frequently, receiving a short and simple text giving details of an up and coming event works exceptionally well. Giving customers this choice helps us come across as personable. In short, we are friendly and professional."

'Would I recommend Zaptext to others? Yes. And I regularly do.'

"Indeed, we are exploring what other areas we can apply relationship technology to. For example, we run training for in excess of 3,500 people annually and Zaptext is a natural fit for the event-booking element of our training business."

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