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Elephants Dont Forget

Elephants Don't Forget Testimonial for Zaptext

"Award Winning Software"

Dan Gray, Director, Elephants Don't Forget
Client Photo

The Leader in Knowledge Retention

As successful serial tech entrepreneurs, when we came up with the concept for Elephants Don't Forget, we knew we faced a familiar challenge: To create world-beating cloud and mobile functionality, without burning loads of cash in the start-up phase. Now we are exceeding our commercial goals, delivering value to global clients, and winning award after award, I wanted to reflect on why we chose Zaptext as the technical partner to develop our software.

Five International Business Awards

Our Ideal Technology Partner

Our business concept is personified by "Nelly", the cute purple elephant who automatically delivers multi-choice employee questions via Email or Smartphone. Behind the "cuddly" brand is a sophisticated system which auto-adjusts to people's knowledge gaps and allows organisations of any size to have up-to-the minute perspectives on their employees’ knowledge retention. For the first time, training effectiveness can actually be measured.

We knew this system would need serious intellect behind it, and when we were introduced to Zaptext, it rapidly became clear that their combination of flexible Platform and Philosophy was just perfect for us.

The Zaptext Platform

Many of the processes we needed, like personalised email, contact database and graphical reporting, were already proven elements of the Zaptext platform, but it also has Tablet and Smartphone support and multi-lingual capability, which has been key as we've scaled up worldwide.

Zaptext Platform

The Zaptext Philosophy

As well as software platform, Zaptext have a software development philosophy which, for us, has proven invaluable.

They challenge and enhance every aspect of our stated requirements ahead of starting the build, never simply taking what we ask for at face-value. This meant we could manage foreground risk, and show early tangibility, but once we got traction, the system truly "scaled-up", enabling us to secure our commercial trajectory

The guys combine an acute sense of commercial urgency with an ability to architect for the future. We have certainly learned a big lesson - getting what you asked for is not necessarily getting what you want.

Commercial Trajectory

Their commercial approach was also spot-on. A pragmatic and forward thinking mind-set meant that development costs could be tightly managed, but in a way where we would have the benefit of a fully committed partner who is in it for the long haul.

Tech Entrepreneur ? Investor ? ... Talk to Zaptext

Zaptext has enabled our award winning software, allowing us to confidently win multiple international awards for innovation including the learning performance institutes' Gold Medal winner for start-up learning provider of the year.

If you are a technology entrepreneur and want to realise your vision, or an investor who wants to de-risk a tech start-up, and see early commercialisation, you must talk to Zaptext.

To find out more about Nelly - simply visit

To talk to Zaptext - simply call 0845 900 5705 or email

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