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Hemingways Testimonial for Zaptext

"They know their onions"

Andrew Johnson, Managing Director
Client Photo

For a fast growing SME, finding and having flexible access to people with deep expertise on an affordable basis is critical. Zaptext have given us that over the six years we've worked together. Their scalable and flexible Zaptext Relationship Technology is one of the tools we have as part of our very own toolkit. Knowing we have access to their deep technical expertise has been invaluable, as we know that they would examine any problem thoroughly and make sure all aspects were understood properly, before any advice or solutions were put forward.

Who are Hemingway Marketing Services?

Hemingway Marketing Services Ltd (HMS), based in Ripon, ranks as one of the region's top 100 fastest growing businesses. HMS is a sales and marketing services company which operates in two main areas, namely sale of retail gift cards and vouchers into both corporate and consumer markets - and a wholesale and online fulfilment operation for Cadbury Kraft. In addition, HMS offers e-commerce services which is used by 45 major brands and provides a seamless branded customer experience for on-line customers to buy gift vouchers and gift cards. Through continuous innovation, HMS now offer retail gift vouchers in both traditional printed presentation cards as well as via email or SMS texts.

What do you gain from working with Zaptext?

Andrew Johnson, MD of Hemingway Marketing Services Ltd says: "We work closely with a select group of IT and e-commerce suppliers. It has been good to know Zaptext are amongst these. The deep technical knowledge of this team of data architects has provided us with a real sense of having a safe pair of hands at our disposal. Zaptext is regarded as an ally." "Their IT engineering expertise is heavy duty. I just know it would cover any scenario, any challenge, we, here at Hemingway Marketing Services would come across. What impresses me the most is the speed these guys work at. I find them both refreshing and personable."

Would you recommend Zaptext?

"Mark and his team have been a strategic sounding board for us over the years. We now have in-house IT resource too. Yet, we continue our relationship with Zaptext as they do know their onions."

"Their ideas, suggestions and regular fresh look at our business means we keep abreast of what we can offer our customers."

Who are Zaptext?

Said Mark Hardman, MD: "Not many know the value of data architecture and how data architects can help a business achieve its strategic goals. Ultimately, it comes down to not just deep IT engineering expertise but also real business experience, so that a business strategy can be translated into a scalable and flexible design and system suited to both immediate and future needs."

What do businesses gain from working with Zaptext?

Sound data architecture and design requires the ability to bridge - or translate - between business end users and technical staff. We bring the ability to understand business requirements - and translating these into technical designs, dealing with complexities of integration of disparate systems, investigating the quality of the data in those systems and putting it all together - so that the business data can be accessed, manipulated and turned into business information.

Mark Hardman says: "It takes a deep-seated understanding of the business, so the most critical thing that I do is listening. When I've spent time listening to a variety of viewpoints, it's my job to come up with a design which embraces them all." "We have solid database skills, and experience in extract, transform and load, also known as ETL tools married with deep skills in data modelling, query and reporting. And we have our very own cloud-computing platform, Zaptext Relationship Technology, which is used to deliver an affordable and flexible service to SME's like HMS."

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