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Maplin Testimonial for Zaptext

"Exceeded All Expectations"

Chris West, Internet Channel Manager,

As the largest and fastest growing electronics retailer in the UK, Maplin Electronics had already made huge inroads into the transition from physical to web-store, and wanted to exploit mobile phones and PDA’s as another sales & marketing channel. Maplin’s Internet Channel Manager, Chris West, decided to run a Zaptext M-Voucher campaign, with two objectives:

1. To capture permission based cell phone numbers from customers, so that Maplin could begin to exploit this unique channel.

2. To give Maplin “Money Off” Vouchers direct to the customers cell phone

Client Storyboard

"Enthusiastic Customers"

“With over 5,000 M-Vouchers sent in the first two days, registrations exceeded all expectations. On the strength of this M-Voucher campaign, we are now developing a mobile purchasing process, and we have asked Zaptext to provide inbound and outbound SMS capability. This showed us that the mobile channel was a totally new one which our customers were enthusiastic about”

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